As a non-profit creative reuse store and community art center, those of us at ReCreative Denver get Whitney Houston-level emotional when it comes to the topic of MAKING.  We believe that making is a powerful tool for personal wellness and is something that everyone should have access to.  Which is why we are so excited to be a part of Denver’s Makers Faire this year!

When attending community events, ReCreative Denver facilitates the opportunity to do just that with the Denver public – MAKE!  Whether staying in the lines of a coloring sheet or engineering an elaborate wine-cork robot, we bring a wide variety of materials for people to create something entirely unique to take home or add to a communal art project.

Although we can often be found in the “kid’s area,” we find that making is enjoyed by community members of all ages.  Truly, there is nothing quite like a 64 box of crayons with a sharpener in the back to unify generations – and cultures.  So we welcome you, your fam and the friend group, to come down to our booth at the Denver Makers Faire and join in on the beautiful, chaotic and rewardingly frustrating act of making something that only your hands can make!

In the meantime, come visit our store in the Art District on Santa Fe for affordable arts and craft supplies to support your makers-habit (or addiction, we don’t judge), as well as check out our current exhibition of local artists. Follow us at @recreativedenver on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming events, antics and rad inventory additions.