A regular at Denver and Northern Colorado Maker Faires since 2013, the Fun With Pinball (FunWithPinball.com) exhibit lets you explore the electromechanical wonders hidden inside pinball machines. Each device in the exhibit, while fun to watch and interact with, offers a puzzle to solve and something to learn. The motivation of the exhibit is to encourage you to follow your curiosity.  Sure, it’s fun to push the buttons and watch what happens, but the real reward is in watching it a few times and figuring out why it happens.  These devices have nothing to hide – everything is tangible and visible and waiting for you to solve the puzzle of what makes them work.  Usually, the “Aha!” moment of realizing how something works is much more satisfying than just pressing a button to see what happens.  If that’s true for you, follow your curiosity to look for more “Aha!” moments in whatever it is that interests you.

For a preview of what to expect, watch this short video from Make Magazine: These Mechanisms Will Make You Fall In Love With Pinball All over Again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ1XmdRJcus)