The Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic is running a hands-on lamp repair workshop at Maker Faire Denver 2018.
We have been helping people learn how to fix their broken stuff and keep it out of the landfill since 2012,
along with the many other fix-it clinics throughout the planet.
At the lamp repair workshop, we will teach participants of all ages how to diagnose the electrical componets of simple lamps
using a multimeter and learn how to strip lampcord and use a screwdriver to replace plugs and lamp sockets.
Last year, we had a very busy exhibit with great feedback, so we are looking forward to 2018.

We hope that this experience will encourage Maker Faire participants to attend a future Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic, volunteer
as a fix-it coach, or perhaps start a new fix-it clinic in their community.

It’s a lot of a fun to see the smile of a person fix a lamp for the first time.