We are so fortunate in the talented makers that volunteer to put on the amazing Maker Faire Denver for you. Check out Andrew Fredrickson and enjoy these photos from the weekend.

Tiny Whoop drone course at Maker Faire Denver

Meet the Maker : Andrew Fredrickson

How did you become a member of the maker community?
Started last year with volunteering for the event in Loveland through a friend and prime member of the community, thought it was an absolutely fascinating movement and loved seeing kids and people of all backgrounds engage the with makers themselves.

Are you a professional or hobbyist maker – tell us about your work/hobby.
Not a direct maker of anything, but more of an artist. Photography has been the one art medium I’ve latched onto the hardest and I’m continually improving my own skills and work. I would like to try to make prints / framing in the near future should I gain demand for my shots.

Cardboard City built at Maker Faire Denver

What is your earliest maker memory?
Earliest memories for making things was grade school I think, I know I loved doing pottery and painting, things I seldom do these days but still like to engage with them when I can.

What do you think is the value of the maker movement?
Simply put, Maker movements are essential for us as humans to express our creativity, our community and give options and tools for those who want to be creative. This is a prime area that can improve American life and life in general around the globe, from urban manufacturing, to cross-sector collaboration, co-creating public spaces, crowdsourcing and engaging the young members of the community as the force for change and how it affects the future. The Maker community is still growing, but I see so much more potential and what it could do for the world over.

What is your motivation to being a member of the maker community?

Machine Werx robots and fire! Maker Faire Denver

I want to see the community thrive and expand even further than it has now. Denver Maker Faire was a sight to behold and I was super happy to apart of it, loved that Meow Wolf was able to sponsor it and hope to see them join the community as well for future events. I anticipate I will be able to attend again next year and perhaps expand again on another role to help get the word out across the state about this amazing event.

What is your favorite experiment gone wrong?
Best thing I can think of was when I was just starting to learn how to piece PCs together from scratch at a young age of 12, with experience they are as easy to put together as a LEGO set would be. But in my case, I was trying hard to figure out why this video card would not pop out of the motherboard and basically shattered it in half for not seeing the lock holding the card in the case. Thankfully it was an older PC and used only for teaching purposes much to my relief thankfully.

Just one of the 192 combat bots at AVC2017 inside Maker Faire Denver

An interesting fact we should all know? 
I have a website (kynthic.com) that I encourage others to look at for samples of my other work and for my blog. During the month of August of this year I did a month long roadtrip with my father across the West Coast of the USA. Visited four states (NM, AZ, CA & OR) in a Tesla and wrote a travel blog about my adventures, impressions and photos of what I saw and did. Still need to write a couple more entries about the trip but I do also type out my thoughts from time to time on it as well. Updates to the site itself happen about once a month, new pieces coming shortly!