Larry and Nancy Schmieding are principles of JNSOctaMedia.


What’s the story behind the name “JNSOctaMedia”?

Like our namesake, the octopus, we are at the center of a wide variety of activities including: recycling, research, graphic design, coding, eco art, crafts and hacking.

We also share the name because like the octopus (known to have ingenious ways of escaping closed labs, problem solving and creating new ideas ), we are extremely persevering; always looking for creative ways to accomplish our goals.


Tell us a little more about yourselves as makers.

Although Larry was told he wouldn’t be able to finish high school, he has four college degrees and several certifications. He has mastered 23 computer languages and has taught programing to gifted and disabled students at local colleges.

Larry is a formidable researcher when it comes to drilling down to the best technology for accomplishing a particular goal. He doesn’t stop until he can make a well-supported recommendation. He is an amazing resource for information.

In addition to his research and coding skills, Larry is a gifted graphic designer. He created JNSOctaMedia octopus logo.

Nancy was a paralegal for 25 years and is an ex-sheriff’s deputy. At JNSOctaMedia, she handles communications and administrative support as well as working on other company projects.

Both Nancy and Larry contribute to their community byvolunteering on multiple projects and not letting their disabilities stop them.


What is your big, audacious goal?

We want to make a living while doing work we love and that inspires us. We are constantly venturing into new ideas, crafts, programs and constantly pursuing our educational resources.


What do you want to accomplish in the next one to two years?

We want to enhance and expand our company website and contacts so we can share our knowledge and resources more effectively.


What are your biggest challenges?
Extreme stress while meeting tight deadlines. There never seems to be enough time to work with newly learned machinery or crafts as much as desired.


What is one thing that would surprise people to learn about you?

There is no such thing as impossible when you are tenacious and creative. Larry has been told “no” many, many times and his response is invariably, “I will show you that I can.”


What will you be sharing at this year’s maker faire?

Larry will be demonstrating several maker projects including the Sphero Sprk and the Ollie app that controls a robot that can race and do tricks. Also available will be drawings for an Xbox and the purchase of refurbished and recycled games and items.


Meet Larry and Nancy, current Makers group members and learn more about JNSOctaMedia’s many capabilities at the 2017 Denver Maker Faire; October 14-15 at the Denver Mart. To purchase tickets go to denver/