Are you an inventor or (tech / app / product) developer, or want to know how to get involved in these areas? Then you’ve already figured out that creativity is the lifeblood of the “new economy”, and innovation is the key. That’s why we invite you to attend Denver Maker Faire at the Denver Mart on Oct. 14-15, because this event like no other is devoted to creativity, exploration, innovation — and doing (we call it “making”) — in the Rocky Mountain region. There’s no better way to be inspired than to see the cool interesting amazing things that other people and teams are making, and no more-effective way to recharge your “idea generator” than to see the unexpected brilliant things others have done with the latest high-impact technologies (e.g.: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AI, vision recognition, Bluetooth/BLE, IoT, drones, robotics, 3D printing, bio-hacking, etc.) You can talk to the people running local resource pools like makerspaces, hackerspaces and incubators, and could even find skilled people to consult or team on your project. And with international tech leaders like Sparkfun there running the 3rd largest combat robotics tournament in the US and the largest open-to-the-public autonomous vehicle competition, there’s plenty of intelligent interesting fun to keep your mind engaged! Go here to learn more about the exhibits and events and we’ll see you at Denver Maker Faire!