We are taking over the Denver Mart Pavilion and outside drive-in movie theater space on

October 14 & 15.


Colorado Maker Hub today announced today that Denver has been selected to host the first Feature Maker Faire in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding states. Maker Faire Denver will join 20 esteemed Feature Faire cities around the world such as Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Atlanta!


Colorado has hosted 7 Mini Maker Faires since 2013, with as many as 4,000 attendees and 148 makers. The graduation to a feature event means more awe-inspiring exhibits from makers around the country and will feature hundreds of exhibitors, hands-on workshops and presentations with the sort of crazy twists you can only expect from a Maker Faire:


  • Engineering a Strandbeest
  • Mad Scientists
  • Music Makers for a sound petting zoo
  • Community arts and interactive projects
  • Inventing tools, woodcrafting, metalsmithing
  • Wearable tech, recycled fashion and textiles
  • Social Impact Inventions


Other Faire favorites including the Human Foosball table, Pokey the Fire breathing Dragon, and the NerdyDerby.


“At Maker Faire Denver, visitors have the chance to glimpse into the future, get hands-on in the creation process and leave with a renewed excitement for what’s possible,” explains Elise VanDyne, Executive Director of the Colorado Maker Hub. “Maker Faire inspires young and old alike to catch that spark of wonder, to mix it with tools, technology, and techniques to bring that inspiration to life.”


Lead sponsors for the event include Sparkfun, Denver Office of Economic Development and Epilog Laser. The Colorado Maker Hub independently produces the Maker Faire Denver in collaboration with Maker Media.


 We can’t do this without you! Do you want to join us as a Maker, Volunteer or Sponsor? Contact us at  makerfairedenver (at) comakerhub.org .