Denver Area Small Scale Steamers is an organization of steam engine enthusiasts; mainly, we run miniature steam railway locomotives.

Our purpose is to encourage and enable small live-steam activity.
Steam engines and trains provide a huge opportunity for making.  Projects can be small to huge.

One attached image, taken at the Colorado Railroad Museum, shows a young woman enjoying a close-up view of a train running on our portable railway.  The wagons and coaches are maker-made, as is the railway itself.  Another image taken at the museum shows a train being controlled with a ‘phone as a remote.  The third shows two members preparing their trains for running on a portable railway; these trains are partly maker-made, partly commercial.

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The Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic is running a hands-on lamp repair workshop at Maker Faire Denver 2018.
We have been helping people learn how to fix their broken stuff and keep it out of the landfill since 2012,
along with the many other fix-it clinics throughout the planet.
At the lamp repair workshop, we will teach participants of all ages how to diagnose the electrical componets of simple lamps
using a multimeter and learn how to strip lampcord and use a screwdriver to replace plugs and lamp sockets.
Last year, we had a very busy exhibit with great feedback, so we are looking forward to 2018.

We hope that this experience will encourage Maker Faire participants to attend a future Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic, volunteer
as a fix-it coach, or perhaps start a new fix-it clinic in their community.

It’s a lot of a fun to see the smile of a person fix a lamp for the first time.  

Puzzles, Technology, and Creativity Come Together at Puzzah!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a time traveler? An archeologist? A crime-fighter? If so, then step into one of Puzzah!’s puzzle rooms and you’ll become the main character in one of eight immersive stories that will challenge your brain and your team’s ability to work quickly as the clock is ticking down.

Puzzah! was founded in 2014 with the goal of being more than an escape room. Their games use adaptive technology to create immersive experiences that are tailored to each group’s ability level. If players advance quickly through the mission, they may encounter bonus objectives that allow them to gain additional points. If players are struggling, they can ask for clues and the game’s intelligent system will automatically provide them with information.

A dedicated fabrication team designs every element of a Puzzah! room from scratch. Everything down to the puzzles themselves is customized to be adaptive, exciting, and thematically intertwined in a mission’s story. The elements inside the room use interactive technology such as sensors 

and magnets to advance the story as a group completes challenges.

Puzzah! also introduced reset-free experiences, where teams can play rooms back-to-back without a staff member coming in to reset items to their starting positions. Designing rooms that can detect the location of different elements and assign tasks based on their position is difficult, but Puzzah! has never strayed away from a challenge. Their creativity and trailblazing technology got them nominated for USA Today’s Best Escape Room and Denver’s Startup of the Year in 2018.

Their team of puzzlers, artists, builders, and technology wizards operates out of a workshop in Englewood, CO, where ordinary puzzles become extraordinary live-action challenges. Creating these games can be a challenge in themselves, but the makers at Puzzah! continue to push the limits of what interactive technologies can be used in their puzzle rooms.

With two locations in the Denver area, Puzzah! has redefined the rapidly changing escape room industry. This Winter, they will open their third location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and will introduce new challenges for daring adventurers. Do you have what it takes to beat a Puzzah! mission? You can find out more at

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